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Can it be three times the time? Or find cavalrymen accompanying white coach during the wedding ceremony? And what about the Honor Guard Marines at the door? The estate "Bivouac" there is practically nothing is impossible! So listen to your desires and do not limit the imagination, because in this picturesque corner of Borisovschiny available that which is not offered in any other place. For example, if you ever get in the museum of treasured artifacts from the glass and plenty to admire them, holding in their hands and carefully studying? I doubt it.

"Bivouac" and is famous for the fact that makes the story closer. Only here assembled a unique and the only country in the art gallery of artist Alexander Bielski portraits of military leaders who participated in the famous War of 1812: Napoleon Bonaparte, Alexander I, Mikhail Kutuzov and Jan Dombrowski, Her Michelle and Vasili Chichagov and others. Also, you, along with a guide, be able to pass along the roads of the war, and learn about the history of battles (to show off the event with a profound knowledge, for example, in the uniforms of hussars regiment Belarus). Museum pieces from private collections contain valuable historical artifacts pre-literate era, Middle Ages, the Stalinist era and the war in 1812. All in all, "Bivouac" can enlighten you on the four historical themes ("Unknown Pages of the war," "History of the Jews Borisovschiny", "Traces of history in the grass of oblivion," "Borisovschiny Antiquities" and "Soviet-Polish war of 1919-1920.) and also to the unique local environmental marshrutuverhom horse "Green Trail". 15 km alone with the beauty of Belarusian nature along the river Brodnya can go both on foot and.

Noble horses have long prized not only for his temper, and afforded the pleasure of driving, but also for medicinal properties. Therapeutic horseback riding is another direction in the relaxation program "Biwako". For those who have never sat in the saddle, organized training sessions, and experienced riders the opportunity to horseback riding. And to get acquainted with other inhabitants of the fauna (such as wild boars, deer, roe deer, etc.) will not have far to go: near the homestead is an aviary with wild animals.

Impressions and health - our most valuable contributions and savings. And in the estate are doing everything possible to as many as possible to fill them. Want to delight for the body - welcome to the nearby health center. Among the list of procedures you will find a water massage, mud baths and wraps, mineral baths, pool sessions and hand massage.

The tradition of a "good pair" of the Slavs in the blood. Once rested on the shelf this completely wooden baths with wood, plunged after it in the snow or burning themselves with cold water poured over the top, you will want more! And can easily afford it, because, despite the high level of relaxation, "Bivouac" pleased with adequate prices.

By the way, on the level. Non estate belong to the class suites: there are showers and toilets, Internet access, phone with call to an administrator, a spacious wardrobe (in a room decorated in the style of the 19th century.). The interior is thought to detail and creates an atmosphere of natural natural - absolutely everything is made with natural materials, mainly wood of different species - the home of comfort and European comfort. The windows offer beautiful views, 500 meters from the house flows Berezin - are ideal conditions for an unforgettable vacation.

Of course, being in such close proximity with nature, we can not hear the call of the blood of their ancestors' eternal ways of obtaining food. God himself commanded to fish in these places, and in the hunting season is allowed to shoot wild ungulates, hares and other animals.

And lovers of active leisure will be able to do your favorite sport. Mini-football, basketball, volleyball, badminton, horse riding, cycling, darts, pool, skiing and skating in winter ... In a few days, you can easily learn something new.

In the evening, a game room billiard lovers gathered, and during the day because of the table top is the place gradually turns into a great hall for meetings, press conferences and other events.

At the same manor "Bivouac" is a family. Some rooms are specially designed for the amicable and harmonious family holiday. Fireplace room, decorated in Empire style, cozy kitchen for breakfast solar, small library - in this environment you can stop and think about life. On the "daily bread" is not to worry - the "Biwako" you feed both of these men: a hearty, plentiful and amazingly delicious. The menu consists of the original units: "The coming day" (B "In Lancers"), "reinforcement" (snack "Egersky stock," for example), "A strength of our exhausted", "Reinforcement of Berezina" (soup, "Hussar roll" ) ... And Cake "Napoleon" for dessert! For those who love the stronger, "Bivouac" will offer a cellar with a cognac delayed up to 25 years, and a selection of wines at your discretion.

The guests' singing souls "in" Biwako "just will not get bored, because the estate peacefully coexist different musical instruments (piano, accordion, etc.), there is a powerful system and a large screen, DVD, satellite system and karaoke. Here is always happy to drop band (bards, pianists, violinists, accordionists, etc.).

Where are the musicians - there is fun, there is a wedding. This is where the full scope for the imagination: here you are, and white coach, and the cavalry escort and guard of honor, and the photo shoot, and even a small theater with the participation of the newlyweds! The festive meal is held in the banquet hall for 25 persons, where there is a Russian stove, and the opportunity to try the national dish with piping hot. From the hall there is an exit to the terrace and pergola with barbecue, barbecues and other recreational pleasures in the lap of nature.

Everything you expect from a good rest, have been collected in "Biwako". It knows that while the horse ... so do not lose him for nothing!