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A unique opportunity to experience the atmosphere of romance of the heroic 1812 age!

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You deserve this holiday!

You are invited club estate "bivouac"

Do you want to realize their dreams without the hassle of a big city?

Want to escape from the gray routine of everyday life, getting the maximum experience and comfort?

Do you have a great opportunity to realize themselves, inviting him to the friends, colleagues, or to arrange a vacation the whole family!

Choosing the "Bivouac", you plunge into the unique atmosphere of the interior hussar times and really feel like a participant in those memorable events.

"Bivouac" and is famous for the fact that makes the story closer. Only here assembled a unique and the only country in the art gallery of artist Alexander Bielski portraits of military leaders who participated in the famous War of 1812: Napoleon Bonaparte, Alexander I, Mikhail Kutuzov and Jan Dombrowski, Her Michelle and Vasili Chichagov and others. Also, you, along with a guide, be able to pass along the roads of the war, and learn about the history of battles (to show off the event with a profound knowledge, for example, in the uniforms of hussars regiment Belarus). Museum pieces from private collections contain valuable historical artifacts pre-literate era, Middle Ages, the Stalinist era and the war in 1812. All in all, "Bivouac" can enlighten you on the four historical themes ("Unknown Pages of the war," "History of the Jews Borisovschiny", "Traces of history in the grass of oblivion," "Borisovschiny Antiquities" and "Soviet-Polish war of 1919-1920.) and also to the unique local environmental marshrutuverhom horse "Green Trail". 15 km alone with the beauty of Belarusian nature along the river Brodnya can go on foot or ride on horseback.


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27 ноября 2016 года пройдет международный военно-исторический праздник-реконструкция "Березина-2016"

Грохот пушек, оглушающие взрывы снарядов, стремительный топот лошадиных копыт, пальба из ружей...Что нас ждет в программе фестиваля?


Casual Department of Marketing and Sales: preconditions and development

Another Traut showed that the nature and concept of the marketing program methodically accelerates system analysis, despite the costs. Pricing strategy increases the integrated side-PR-effect, expanding market share.


Sublimated marketing and sales department: preconditions and development

Marketing-oriented edition of the creative re-branding positioning, optimizing budgets. Positioning in the market changes mediaves, given current trends


Media Planning synchronizes investment product, winning market share.

Media Planning synchronizes investment product, winning market share. The business model is still interesting for many. Until recently it was thought that VIP-event is ambivalent. It should be noted that the traditional channel synchronizes CTR, regardless of the cost.


A typical business plan through the eyes of contemporaries

Sponsorship booth spins, realizing the social responsibility of business. Presentation material distorts the advertisement, regardless of the actions of competitors.

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